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Cloud Voice 

BT Cloud Voice comes with all the functionality of a traditional phone system. But the big difference is that calls are carried over your internet connection. That means you’ll get more flexibility and better ways to control your costs. And unlike traditional phone systems, you will be offered Loaned desk phones or walkabout phone free of charge.

With Cloud Voice you can collaborate like never before. Call your Cloud Voice colleagues for free, start a screen sharing session, make decisions over instant messaging and see who’s free to talk with presence. The result? You can share ideas and make decisions faster. And that’s always good for business

If you’re not there when your customers need you, then you can’t do business with them. As well as traditional call options (like transfer, automatic routing and hunt groups), Cloud Voice turns your desktop PC, laptop or smartphone into an office phone. That way, you can pick up the phone wherever you’re working

Whether you’re growing in numbers or working across locations, Cloud Voice makes it easy to work smarter. You’ll have the freedom to make changes through an easy-to-use online portal, so your people get exactly what they need, whenever they need it. Whether they’re spread over multiple sites, work from home or on the go. With everything based in the cloud, everyone can work as if they’re in the same room. And if you move offices, you can simply unplug your handsets and take your whole service with you. 

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