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Broadband Solutions

We provide BT Business Fibre and Full Fibre Broadband services, we believe that they provide the best connectivity for your Business.


BT Broadband Essential - Low Cost Big Impact

With 24/7 UK-based support, Guest Wi-Fi, and access to five million wi-fi hotspots, it’s the perfect fit for the cost-conscious business with large ambitions. 

  • Minimum speed guarantee

  • Guest Wi-Fi

  • Content Controls and Web Protect

BT Halo For Business 

Comes with Hybrid Connect A strong connection that won’t let you down. Hybrid Backup automatically switches your broadband to 4G if there’s a problem, keeping your business running smoothly while we fix it. And with BT's Always Connected Guarantee, if your connection drops and they can’t fix it, you may be able to walk away from your contract.

  • Minimum speed guarantee

  • Guest Wi-Fi

  • Content Controls and Web Protect

  • 4G backup that's guaranteed

  • Expert Tech Support

  • 1 free static IP

BT Full Fibre

2025 will mark a major year for broadband connectivity. And as Full Fibre is rolled out around the country, you could get ahead of the game now.​

  • Speeds up to 900 Mpbs - with lightning-fast broadband, everyone can work at full pace without worrying about the internet slowing down.

  • Multiple users and devices at the same time on super-sharp video calls, sharing huge files, running cloud apps - all without a issue.

  • Say hi to your final broadband upgrade. Full Fibre is the best of the best, ready for the changing demands of your business.

All BT Broadband solutions come with BT Business Smart Hub 2  which connects multiple people and devices with faster Wi-Fi speeds in more places around your premises than ever before. BT's most powerful hub yet .

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