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Leased Line

Dedicated reliable speeds.

BTnet is our most reliable internet connection for businesses that need to go beyond broadband. And it’s all yours.

BTnet Express

From 50Mbps

Ideal for smaller businesses in covered areas with lower requirements

Dedicated leased line, just for your business

Guaranteed upload and downloads speeds of 50Mbps (100Mbps option also available)

100% target availability SLA so you’re always connected

Guaranteed 5-hour fix time if something goes wrong

Installation time from just 6 weeks


From 100Mbps

Ideal for any size business with a range of sizes and options

Choice of a 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps circuit to suit your needs

Maximum upload and download speeds of 10Gbps

Installation subject to survey

Flexibility to change your speeds in line with business requirements

Additional resilience options to keep you connected

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