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Full connectivity solutions for any Business.

National Networks specialise in bespoke connectivity solutions and Cloud Based phone services for all types of Business, no matter what size.

Working with leading, trusted suppliers in the UK ensures we can offer the perfect solution to every client.

Our Services

Our Services

This a just a snapshot of the services we offer, please contact us for a bespoke solution.

Fibre Broadband 

BT Full Fibre is rolling out across the nation, built on the UK’s most reliable broadband tech. It can connect over 100 devices, so you can be sure it’ll keep up with you. Now and in the future.

Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice comes with all the functionality of a traditional phone system. But the big difference is that calls are carried over your internet connection. That means you’ll get more flexibility and better ways to control your costs. And unlike traditional phone systems, BT Cloud Voice comes with FREE loaned phone options, which means low upfront costs.

Leased Line -

The internet is so important to the way we live and work today, it is critical you have a service you can trust and rely on. BTnet is the UK’s market leading leased line internet access service offering unbeatable performance quality. 

Complete WiFi 

With BT Complete Wi-Fi Discs creating a seamless network around your building, you’ll get a guaranteed wi-fi signal across your entire workplace, or your money back. No multiple passwords as you move around, just a flawless connection wherever you are in the building. And if you find any blackspots, BT will send you up to five more discs at no extra cost.

Hybrid Connect

BT's new Hybrid Connect works hand in hand with your Smart Hub 2 to connect you to EE’s 4G mobile network for an unbreakable connection.


"The team were experts in their field, they moved me onto digital phone services with no down time"

Alex Fusco

CEO of Facilit8 Limited

Ready to find out how we can help you?

Please contact us by phone, email or on the form below to discuss how we can offer the perfect solution to your business.

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